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Everybody needs a coach and now you've got two of the best anytime you need them...

“Finally – a Simple, Video-Based Training System on CD-ROM that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make Real Money Online… 100% Guaranteed!”

Now it’s as simple as watching a video on your computer and you’re on your way to building your business online…
no matter what product or service you sell!

    From: Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver

Dear Internet Friend,

If you're like us, at times the only way something really "clicks" is when you actually see it done with your own eyes.

Think about one of the simplest tasks of all -- tying your shoe…

Of course, tying your shoes is second nature to you now… BUT at first someone had to show you how to do it a few times. They had to actually take the time and demonstrate exactly how to make the loop, how to cross it over, how to pull the knot tight, etc. etc. 

Go ahead and try explaining how to tie your shoe to someone without actually showing them. It'd be downright impossible (and super frustrating for both of you)!

Surprisingly enough, Internet marketing can be almost as easy if you have someone (who's been there and actually done it successfully) take you through the entire step-by-step process right in front of your eyes. 

"I'm stunned with what the two of you have come up with! I only have one criticism of your new product -- it's grossly under-priced! 

"I'm not saying that to be dramatic, but because of what this information can DO for people. Here's how I know: I was paid very well for a year to chronicle the crashing and burning of the overstuffed dot-coms. I was editor of a high-priced, privately circulated Internet marketing newsletter, and I watched in horror as company after company hit the wall, shriveled up and died. Only one of them knew the information you so generously make available on these CDs -- and that company is still in business. 

"Do you get what I'm saying? The 33 Days to Online Profits videos could have prevented billions of dollars of bankruptcies, if you had released them a couple years earlier AND if the knuckleheads running dot-coms took the time to learn and implement what you're saying. But for anyone else, this is a cakewalk -- a blank check to clean up big-time on the Internet!

- David Garfinkel 
Author, "How to Find the Hidden Gold Mine in Your Business"


It's not your fault...

If you're not achieving everything you want with your online business… don't blame yourself. You probably just need a few, key skills we can teach you. Have you ever said to yourself, "If someone would just show me how to do all this once or twice, then I could do it for myself."?

Imagine how much faster of a jumpstart you could get by actually watching someone else do something first… and then simply copying what they do?

Makes sense, right?

It's tough learning new information out of a book. Statistics prove only a tiny percentage of people naturally learn this way. The rest of us need to be SHOWN what to do and -- most importantly -- HOW to do it!

But the bad news is you didn't have a choice… until now!

Introducing the Ultimate Online Marketing Mentor

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It's not enough for us to tell you what to do online - because you'll actually be shown using sound and video on the new "33 days to Online Profits VIDEO Enhanced Tutorial eBook".

Jam-packed 2 CD-ROM's this goes way beyond ebooks, beyond membership sites… or anything else before it!

 Now you can watch right on your computer as two of the very top Internet marketers, Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards, personally take you through the exact steps we use to roll-out one moneymaking Internet project after another. This is the closest thing to having us in your living room sitting next to you at your computer.

The " 33 days to Online Profits VIDEO Enhanced Tutorial eBook" is NOT a downloadable product. It actually comes as a 2-volume CD-ROM tutorial delivered right to your front door. You just pop the CD-ROM into your computer (PC) and away you go. Just sit back, relax and watch as right before your eyes every step of marketing your site and making money online is brought to life. 

You see, we've taken our runaway online best seller, "33 Days to Online Profits", updated it, revised it and added sound and video at just the right places to help you profit from our breakthrough techniques even faster and easier than before!

Everywhere, experts and readers are raving about the original "33 days" resource:

"Revenue on my site has tripled since buying your ebook, and I'm not even implementing all of your ideas. 

I bought "33Days" several months ago for about $30. I used 4 suggestions from your information and it increased my profits so much, that I haven't had time to go back through the rest of the documents I purchased from you. 

I'm not even using 25% of the knowledge you sent me and I'm already having a hard time keeping up with the increased sales.

I'm not a millionaire. I'm currently generating about $1,000 a month from my site. That might not sound like much to people, but this is something that nobody thought I could do, and I have no tangible products. I simply created a website about a niche idea and I'm charging people to use it. That extra money is 2 car payments and who wouldn't want their car payments to go away?

There are definite marketing secrets that you have taught me. These aren't scams or trickery, it's simply based on research and results. I promise to get through the rest of your course, and when I do, I just know I'll start making the big bucks."

Peter Jazwinski

"Just a note to congratulate you on your incredibly useful ebook "33 Days". I found it one of the most concise and helpful ebooks I have ever read. Your step by step layout is brilliant, and anyone who follows it is most certainly assured success in their marketing campaigns.
In a world where Ebooks full of regurgitated drivel are more common than "Stray Cats", 33 Days is a true breath of fresh air!"
Keep up the good work.
Len Thurmond
Publisher, TheAffiliateReview.com

"When I read 33 Days To Online Profits, I could not believe just how much you gave away. The tips, the strategies, and the insider secrets you reveal really do blow away any other report I've ever read (and I've read a lot!). Listen, ease up on the value here, or we'll have to lower our consultancy fees, and just start directing our clients to your site!"
- Craig Leggo
Co-Founder, NetProfit.com.au

"My Name is Stuart Daniel. Approximately 30 days ago I purchased "33 Days.." Over the past year, I have spent $100's , countless hours downloading ebooks and reports, all with the promise to "guarantee your success. Your training manual "33 Days.." has helped my son and I:
* Build our web site without previous marketing experience 
* Get the site hosted and on the Internet. 
* Accept credit cards, and many other very useful things."
- Stuart Daniel
Ontario, Canada

"Last week I purchased your "33 Days to Online Profits". It is an incredible piece of work. I have never seen such a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step presentation on any subject."
- Peter Ayers
Portland, Oregon

"And indeed, it is I who should be thanking you for all the guidance and education you have given me, although we have never met in person.  I ordered your 33 Days to Online profits, fully expecting to request a refund in far less than 33 days!  I'm now on Day 28 of the course, and have already created what appears like a 'killer' sales site!" 
- Dr. Mani

"Yes, having now put this proven plan into action, and witnessed it's tremendous success. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all. It is easy and straight forward to apply and it does (if you follow the simple blueprint) meet the guarantees and other endorsements given to it. I believe everyone can get the success they deserve from using this superb opportunity."
- D R Draper
EliteMedia International, UK 

Here's the deal: This new breakthrough tutorial contains 41 videos totaling 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 44 seconds of video instruction from Yanik and Jim.
Get it now!

Between the two of us, we have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in online product sales each year… with our own products and as other people's affiliates. 


Now before we go any further, we think it's important to set the record straight so you can know whether or not we really can show you how to make real money online. 

Frankly, it's not easy to know who to trust online because most people touting themselves as "Internet experts" have never sold anything else besides "how to make money online" information. 


Both of us started out selling products that had nothing to do with Internet marketing. Jim's first product was an ebook on selling your own house without a real estate agent and today, almost 6 years later, it still sells enough to cover his house payment, utilities and 2 car payments - all on autopilot. 

Yanik's first site sells fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates for small business owners and it continues to rake in over $250,000 every year (yep, just one site).

Make no mistake, it's only because of our success that people started seeking us out and asking for advice. And here's a quick idea of just how much our advice is worth in real dollars and cents:

"Just a quick update if you don't mind. Especially since I've used a lot of your information in the process of marketing. Since releasing our new eBook on August 1st 2001, we have now sold 965 copies of our eBook. With 9 refunds for net sales total of 956 eBooks at $49.95 which of course can be verified through ClickBank. Right now it's ClickBanks #1 investment program. Sales continue to be strong. Just wanted to let you know how one of your students is doing. (smile!)" 
- Stephen A. Pierce, rapidfireswingtrading.com

Here's a quick rundown of Yanik's proven Internet track record:

  • A simple 2-week project Yanik put together created a massive profit windfall of $9,842.00 in just 4 days and the next project released netted $15,561.49 in just 5 days.

  • Yanik is regularly invited to speak at $1,000.00 to $5,000.00/per person Internet seminars. (You better believe he wouldn't be invited back if he didn't deliver real information.) 

  • He's brought in as much as $8,022.50 in one, single 24 hour period - all completely online. (>>Click here for proof<<)

Jim Edwards is no slouch either:

  • Jim is a syndicated newspaper columnist who writes on Internet Marketing and other online topics.

  • In one 9-month stretch this past year Jim sold 4,655 of his ebooks on the Internet grossing over $202,381.00 in sales. 

  • Jim has authored or co-authored almost a dozen best selling online information and software products and has tens-of-thousands of loyal subscribers who trust and follow his advice daily.

  • Jim's products are consistently in the top slots out of over 10,000 products sold through Clickbank - one of the web's top affiliate marketplaces. (>>Click here for proof<<)

Question: If you could hire Yanik and Jim to come into your home or office and teach you right on your computer screen -- would you?

Of course you would!

Well that's exactly what you get with this unique video tutorial… just pop either one of the two CD volumes into your PC, turn up your speakers and watch, listen and learn as Yanik and Jim personally guide you over the "tough spots" with their step-by-step, insightful and experienced instructions. Suddenly you'll find all the mystery and confusion surrounding making money online melt away like snowflakes in the sun.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in these 41 videos totaling 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 44 seconds of personalized multimedia instruction:

  • Video #33: Learn exactly how and where to research your keywords so you don't waste time promoting for words your audience isn't actively searching for. Watch as Jim researches keywords for one of his actual sites and learn from him how and why he does what he does! 

  • Video #34: Watch as Jim and Yanik show you how to pick the category on Yahoo that will lead to the maximum number of visitors… and the most sales and biggest profits for you! (The Yahoo category editor's job is actually figuring reasons NOT to put you into the directory - find out how they have no other choice but to include you exactly where you want to show up.)

  • Video #35: Learn the correct way to choose a domain name for maximum hits… and how choosing the wrong domain name can get you "blown out of the water" by a Yahoo category editor.

  • Video #36: Learn the 5 critical factors for evaluating any hosting company… and how you can get "bullet-proof" hosting for much less than others pay if you know the right questions to ask. (Find out why saving $10 a month might cost you $10,000 in lost profits.)

  • Video #21: Watch as we show you the two critical pieces of information your website stats program must show you - so you can avoid the common mistake of wasting thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn't work!

  • Video #22: How to get even more traffic to your site without spending an extra dime using a little-known traffic technique that not one in a hundred website operators even knows about.

  • Video #2: Watch as we walk you step by step through the principles of using simple autoresponders to turn your business into a 24/7-profit machine. If you think you know how to use autoresponders… think again!

  • Video #3: Step behind the curtain and see one of Yanik's real-world profit-generating autoresponders in action. Listen as Yanik explains how, why and when certain types of messages get sent… and the profit-pulling reasons behind every move he makes with autoresponders!

  • Video #38: How to accept virtually every major credit card on the planet -- as well as online checks -- without signing a long term commitment or paying any minimum monthly fees. If you sell information, ebooks or software, we'll show you the very best way to get started taking other people's money.

  • Video #40: Watch and listen as Jim and Yanik explain the 5 critical elements every website must contain in order to score massive profits… and how missing just one of them spells disaster and certain doom… before you even start!

  • Video #6: See live demonstrations of popup windows that actually make money… and don't annoy the heck out of people! Watch and listen as Yanik and Jim explain why certain popup windows are the most powerful way to build your very own profit-pulling list with thousands of loyal subscribers.

  • Video #8: Look and learn as we take you "inside the code" of popup windows and show you the two critical elements necessary for any popup window to function correctly. Miss one of these and your popup won't fire -- just like trying to shoot ducks with an empty shotgun!
    Special Exclusive Video Footage!

  • Videos #9, 10, 11, 12 & 13: You've been hoping for this one! The ENTIRE web copywriting process revealed from start to finish! Nobody before has ever attempted to reveal the progressive steps from rough draft to final copy. At last, you can watch, listen and learn as Yanik and Jim explain the entire process of writing a killer sales letter
    Eavesdrop on Yanik explaining how to brainstorm headlines that pull profits like moths to a porch light on a summer night! Marvel at the techniques you learn for crafting copy, using colors and all the subtle elements that create a thoroughbred racehorse of a sales letter. 
    Yanik will even take you behind the scenes to expose the editing process he uses to take an ordinary "ho-hum" sales letter and turn it into a 24/7 profit pulling machine that forces people to reach in their pockets, grab their wallets hand you over their money! You'll check out progressive versions of the same letter all leading up to the final letter "live" on the web with a personal tour. 

  • Videos #16 & 17: How and why ezine advertising can be one of the most profitable ways to advertise your site… and how to avoid wasting hours searching for and advertising in ezines that suck. Watch and learn as we show you how to find high-quality ezines eager to accept free and low cost ads… and we'll show you how to find them in 1/10 the time!

  • Video #18 & 19: A fast and proven way anyone can write a "newspaper quality" article and use it to generate massive amounts of publicity, sales, and traffic to your website - FAST! Then we'll show you how to get your article out to thousands of ezine editors and website owners hungry for fresh new content!

  • Video #20: How to quickly build your name and reputation while generating massively targeted hits to your site using FREE discussion boards -- without getting flamed!

You get all these plus 18 more videos that will motivate you, teach you, coax you, propel you, and PUSH YOU to succeed with your online business -- including how to research, find, persuade and cut deals with high-powered joint venture partners to endorse your products to their lists. This one video alone is worth the admission price. 

Simply put, there's no faster or easier way to make your bank account swell up like a water balloon hooked to a fire hose than by setting up these high-profit joint venture deals! 

As you can see we don't leave any stone unturned to provide you with all the "nitty-gritty" details you really need to create your own online moneymaking empire. Never again be left guessing what to do next. If you could pin Yanik and Jim down and sit us in front of your computer with you - this would be the result. It's the first "watch-us-then-you do-it" video tutorial for Internet marketing. 

All together you get 41 comprehensive videos actually placed inside the context of the newly updated and revised "33 days to Online Profits". 

Anytime you see the movie camera picture (below) inside the ebook, you simply click on the link and the one-on-one video instruction will start playing automatically.

Sample Video

 Click here to see a free "sneak preview" video. 

Note: The image quality and sound quality had to be greatly reduced so you could easily view this online. We wanted to prove to you that we really will show you exactly what to do right on your own PC computer screen!

Just look over our shoulders as we perform a specific task or teach you a money-making technique right on your computer screen. Then just minimize the window and you'll do the exact same thing by yourself. Don't worry, if you forget something or didn't get it the first time around - just hit rewind and we'll be right there again.

It couldn't be easier!

Nothing's left to chance with this amazing, interactive CD-ROM tutorial. You'll know where to click. What sites to visit. What to do. The right resources you need (and the ones to avoid) to finally make your online business a success. 
Grab your copy today!

Here are Just a Few of the Daily Lessons We’ll Go Through Together To Get You on The Road to Making Money Online:

Week One – Getting Online and Ready for Business:

§         What one question do you need to answer before to assure yourself of success online?

§         A simple method to choosing your domain name for maximum results (never, ever register a domain name until you follow these 2 steps).

§         What the first job of your web site really is.

§         How to avoid being taken by any scams and avoid the big mistakes that spell disaster before you even start.

§         The absolute most critical skill you need for online success (and no, it has nothing to do with being a computer genius)!

§         Why almost everyone is absolutely dead wrong about how they set-up their site

Week Two – Laying the Groundwork for Marketing Online:

§         A simple way to increase your sales by up to 87% and how to put the entire system on complete auto pilot.

§         Achieve a “top 10” search engine placement without spending hours and hours fiddling with your site.

§         3 critical questions you need answered before you can promote your web site.

§         How to actually get your site listed #1 in the Yahoo directory (get this right and you’ll send tons of free traffic to your site)!

§         Take a tiny investment of $10, $20 or $40 and make it explode into thousands of dollars in sales.

Week Three – Laying the Groundwork for Traffic:

§         Start generating thousands and thousands of dollars in free advertising using this one simple formula.

§         How to legally “advertise” on the most highly trafficked forums and discussion boards.

§         Why you should be happy to see lots of competition and how to make those same competitors thrilled to send you their best customers and traffic.

Week Four – Get Ready for Serious Traffic:

§         How to make 24% - 68% of your customers immediately increase their orders 25%-35% just by adding one simple page. (Very slick and powerful.)

§         How to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product.

Week Five – Roll Out Your Business for Serious Profits:

§         The magic of backend marketing! A simple method that made $9,188.00 in just 72 hours with absolutely zero costs.

§         Find out EXACTLY what your customers want to buy from you next…without guessing or leaving it to chance.

§         And much, much more…

What's The Cost to Put Jim and Yanik on Your Team?

By now you may wondering about the cost of this invaluable resource.

Well put it this way: If you hired Jim and Yanik to consult with you to cover all the points on both these CD-ROMs it would run in the neighborhood of 10-12 hours. And at a rate of $500.00 per hour that would set you back $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 for each of us -- and that doesn't even count travel expenses. This dual CD-ROM pack covers practically the same thing you would get in a personal consultation for a mere fraction of the investment. 

In fact, if we charged you $500.00 (just one hour of our consulting time) it would still be a tremendous bargain. However, you'll get everything for just a small portion of even that modest amount…

Special Limited Time Offer

For a limited time we will sell the entire "33 days to Online Profits VIDEO Enhanced Tutorial eBook" 2-Volume CD-ROM set for the ridiculously low price of only $129. 

Note: We're not using some date "script" that keeps rotating the date - you can take your chances and check this site again later, but you may well find that you missed the boat on this special "limited time" pricing. We've already raised the price once before, and if these CD's keep selling like hotcakes... we may just raise the price again!

Bonuses for Fast Action

We're going to sweeten the pot even more because with this 2 CD set you're also entitled to each and every one of the three original bonuses sold with "33 Days to Online Profits" plus 3 NEW, "CD-only" exclusive bonuses available only with the video-enhanced tutorial version: 

Original Bonus #1 - Killer Mini Sites package
We don't know why people would waste their time creating a portal, "vortal" or a content site when a creating a "mini site" is so much more profitable (and so much less work). 

Mini Sites are simple, yet extremely powerful, one or two page web sites that have one job - to make the sale. These apparently harmless sites, when done correctly are unstoppable money-making machines.
This product sells online right now for $25.95!

Original Bonus #2 - "Warp Speed Info Product Creator Pack"
The #1, most profitable product you could sell online is information…

It's true, there are so many reasons why information is great to sell:

  • You have no competition. Everything you sell is copyright protected so you can't be "knocked off". 

  • You enjoy incredibly huge profit margins if you let people "download" the information. Your profit margin is nearly 100%!

  • You can work from anywhere you wish (and anytime you want). 

  • And you get paid over and over again for work you do one time. Once you create your digital product you can keep selling over and over again. 

Inside this second bonus you'll have access to a collection of ebooks that lay out the foundation for helping you create your own wildly successful information product. So have no fear if you don't have a product to sell online.
These ebooks sell separately for over $50!

NEW - Exclusive Video Tutorial Bonus: 
You'll get an audio (MP3) over 37 minutes long where Yanik and Jim discuss the real "in's and out's" of the most profitable type of product anyone can sell online -- information products! Yanik and Jim discuss how anyone can get their own information product and truly have a "remote control" business that generates piles of cash… even while you sleep! This audio alone could be easily sold as a tape for at least $49!

Original Bonus #3 - Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros 
Just recently several big name Internet marketers came together for a one-time only, "by-invitation" teleseminar where they laid out their best ideas and secrets for making money online. You'll get the entire unedited transcript of this powerful session.

Joining Yanik on the line were: 

  • Terry Dean 

  • Jonathan Mizel 

  • Ted Ciuba 

  • David Ledoux 

  • And information marketing millionaire, Ron LeGrand 

This bonus has a real value of $29!

NEW - Exclusive Video Tutorial Bonus: 
Not only do you get everything we already told you about but you'll also receive 2 more powerful bonuses with your package. The first is a resource to help you come up with powerful, attention-getting headlines in a flash. And the second is spreadsheet template that you can use to track your web site's critical numbers. All the formulas are already included for you. These two bonuses are priceless in their ability to help you immediately track and change your business.

We've tried to think of everything you need to shatter any excuses or roadblocks you've had standing in your way. But there's still one more assurance we'll give you…

There's Even An Incredibly Generous 
"Double-Strength Guarantee" You Can Count On

Guarantee #1: This new video-enhanced tutorial comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 60 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn't right for you, just send the CDs back to us at any time within 60 Days, and we'll buy them back from you for every penny you paid. That means you have TWO full months to put us to the test - all the risk is squarely resting on our shoulders!

Guarantee #2: If you keep the CD-ROM tutorials after the first two months, we'll still stick with you for another TEN months and assure your success. We absolutely guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to try just a handful of the strategies and tools we reveal on this double CD-ROM set, you'll pocket an extra $10,000.00 in profits within the next year. That's a 1,000% return-on-investment! If that's not the case, once again, we'll gladly buy the product back from you for every penny you paid! All you have to do is show us what you tried. 

Frankly, we don't think we could be any fairer than that. 

Click here now to get your double CD set shipped to you immediately!

Really, there's really nothing left to say. 

This training system is unlike anything else available for the price. Nowhere else will you find two experienced marketers who will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it. Where to go, what to do, even where to "click" to make real money online… no matter what type of business you operate.

Don't You Think You Owe It to Yourself To 
Finally Start Making Serious Money with Your Online Business?

Look, the time to act is now. 

If you've read this far it means that you've got the desire and drive to make the Internet work for you. Both of us, Jim and Yanik, are totally committed to your success. All that's left now is to take action and make sure you're one of the people who actually turns their "Internet dream" into a wonderful, everyday reality.

If you don't take advantage of this opportunity - how else will you learn exactly what to do and how to do it? 

When else will you ever get another chance to see in living color exactly what you are supposed to do (and how to do it) to make money online? If you don't jump on this double CD set you won't be able to do something truly revolutionary in online learning: watch a video, pause it, go do it yourself, and then come back to review any points you don't understand. 

You must get your copy now or you'll be stuck trying to learn it out of a book and reduced to "trial and error hell" - instead of effortlessly benefiting from the easy-to-understand, simple and immediately usable tips, trick and techniques we cram into EVERY one of the 41 videos packed onto these 2 CD's containing 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 44 seconds of priceless coaching by two of today's TOP online marketers.

Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying to make the Internet work or you could get 2 proven coaches to work for you.

Here's How To Order Right Now

For your own good, and before we run out of the first allotment of CD-ROM sets (and raise the price), get this now! It will change your online business forever and help you finally start making the money you deserve. Just click here to order using our safe and secure server. 

Don't wait another minute!


P.S. Stop banging your head against a wall guessing how to make your Internet business work… watch, listen and LEARN as two experts use the latest in PC video to walk you step-by-step through the entire online marketing process.

Order Now!

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