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"I must say you've done it again! Just when I thought I knew all the secrets of Internet marketing...I've been humbled.
In fact, within 72 hours...I banked over $2,475.00 in sales using just ONE technique I learned."
Mike Van Norden
"Million Dollar Publicity Expert"
Dallas, Texas

YES, Yanik & Jim! - I am so ready for you to take me by the hand and literally show me, step-by-step how to market my business on the Internet. I understand that you will ship me the Two volume CD-ROM set and all I have to do is pop the CD's into my computer (PC) and you will show & tell me using actual "screen capture video" and audio what to do, where to go, even where to click to finally launch my business profits… all for only $129 for a limited time (plus $7 shipping U.S. & Canada or $18.95 for all other International orders). 

And, with your iron-clad, "Double Strength" money back guarantee, there's no way I can possibly lose.

And don't forget to include my Six (6) special bonuses…

  • Original Bonus #1 - Killer Mini Sites package
    We don't know why people would waste their time creating a portal, "vortal" or a content site when a creating a "mini site" is so much more profitable (and so much less work). 

  • Original Bonus #2 - "Warp Speed Info Product Creator Pack"
    Inside this second bonus you'll have access to a collection of ebooks that lay out the foundation for helping you create your own wildly successful information product. 

  • NEW - Exclusive Video Tutorial Bonus: 
    Audio (MP3) over 37 minutes long. Yanik and Jim discuss how anyone can get their own information product and truly have a "remote control" business that generates piles of cash… even while you sleep! 

  • Original Bonus #3 - Insider Conversations with Internet Marketing Pros
    Just recently several big name Internet marketers came together for a one-time only, "by-invitation" tele-seminar where they laid out their best ideas and secrets for making money online. You'll get the entire unedited transcript of this powerful session.

  • 2 NEW - Exclusive Video Tutorial Bonuses: 

    • The first is a resource to help you come up with powerful, attention-getting headlines in a flash.  

    • And the second is spreadsheet template that you can use to track your web site's critical numbers. All the formulas are already included for you.

System Requirements to run the CD videos: 

  • A Windows PC running Windows 95 or later 

  • 64 MB of RAM

  • A sound card and speakers you can turn up the volume on

  • Minimum Processor: Pentium II 400 MHz processor (not real fast but you can't use a 4 year old machine to play these videos)

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